Shameless Records, 2018

“The amazing life altering party your parents wouldn’t let you attend in high school.”
David Menestres, tone science

“In spite of the undoubted bravura of both the musicians, more than their virtuosic ability, the muscular exhibition is impressed of this project. Their experiences as shiftworkers in the Austrian scene in rock, techno and free jazz all converge here, with their noisy energy and the tirelessness of the musicians.”
Gilberto Ongaro, MusicMap

“The rhythm is infectious and forces you, unconsciously and almost effortlessly, to move and even dance to, The dark, atmospheric keyboards deepens this kinetic feeling of time and space. And Linz demonstrates how a wild free-improv set can meet prog-rock and techno aesthetics, blow your mind, rewire your nerves and leave you smiling.”
Eyal Hareuveni, FreeJazzBlog

° The Free Jazz Collective
° Justin Farrar

Circular Mood Scale
(Music for Franz West)
Sonoros Records, 2017

° The New York City Jazz Record

London/ Brüssel
Epileptic Media, 2017

° The Quietus