Beauties of the Night
“Use Filters”
qed05 2018

Recorded live at Fluc Vienna, June 2017
Tracks: 1-5 Untitled, 2017
Mastering by Chris Janka at Janka Industries, Vienna

Cover Art by Ebecho Muslimova: “Fatebe Jumps With Tacks”

The artist band BEaUtiEs oF tHe NiGhT strives for an intense and noisy embrace of the audience, composing its outfits rather than its song structures, songwriting or rehearsing. It seems that no matter what comes into their minds on stage, evil noise rock results. In very pointed and significant ways Beauties of the Night approach the genre-specific problem related to any kind of rock music – namely, the problem of desiring portrayal and representation, while at the same time wanting to erase both in order to achieve a breakthrough to the authentic. Their vinyl debut “Use Filters,” released on qed sounds, captures five tracks of a live-recording from June 2017 at the Viennese club Fluc. The cover art features a drawing by New York based artist Ebecho Muslimova from her Fatebe-Series.